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Jun 14, 2018

wallstreetpop98, have you checked out these or run a search:

  • MM Mezz Fund Internship Hi guys, Do you think it is feasible over 6 months to be brought up to a competent Associate / Snr ... Analyst at a 4/5 person Mezz fund, with limited debt experience? I have an offer and need to consider ... junior in the team for the first two months (with 3 directors) Many Thanks! mezzanine fund debt credit ...
  • More suggestions...

No promises, but thought I'd mention a few relevant users that work in the industry: @dan_yo23" @TunkyTime" @alexpasch"

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

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Jun 18, 2018

These figures are for Finance, so Corp Dev/Strat may be similar or a bit higher depending on the company:

1) Director: most junior Directors are typically in the $160-$180K base range, 25%-30% bonus. We're not public so no RSUs, but in lieu of stock, most Directors+ have an extra bonus on top of standard yearly bonus that's calc'd based on average of past 3 years bonus. Meaning, it kicks in after 3 years at this level. More seasoned Directors are in the $200-240K base range, but can vary a decent amount.

2) Sr Director: $250K-$300K+ base, bonus can vary but in the 30-50% range. There's a lot of variability here based on a lot of factors, including performance, time with company, exec potential, negotiation, etc. Also additional incentive comp per above. At this point, you're essentially a VP but without the formal title. $500K+ is certainly possible in a good year if bonus payout is over 100%.

The VPs are mid-to-high $300's or low $400's for the upper VPs. 50% bonus + incentive comp. Easily clear $500K in a decent year. A Finance VP can be a "VP" in a large business unit or global, or CFO in a medium size business unit.

Note that in my company, not all Directors (or any title for that matter) are compensated the same, it also depends on the size of the business unit, the role, number of direct reports, etc.

Jun 19, 2018

What industry and city are you in? Is your company well-known/large? Just wondering to get a better understanding of the compensation.

Jun 19, 2018

T1/T2 COL city (not sf, nyc). I wouldn't get too hung up on industry - I've worked across a few different industries now and can tell you that I didn't see a material difference in comp. The pay bands at the mid-levels are massive, so it really depends on the company, your experience, the role, and how much they need you vs what you ask for. For reference, all companies have been large and well-known and in Consumer/Retail & Financial Services.

Jun 28, 2018

Our directors are generally about $350k-$450k after bonus. Directors get a bonus that is 30% and get additional stock options that can be exercised after 3 years. VPs are $600k-800k, and SR. VPs are around $1MM. I work at company ranked 100-115 in the F500...

Jun 30, 2018

Is that a tech company?

Jul 26, 2018

No, not a tech company. It's a packaging company.

Jul 30, 2018