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Hey guys, I know how much some of you who already in your desired jobs must hate the same old self-pitying post. "Woe is me I went to a mediocre school, did not show up to class till junior year and now none at BB will talk to me." My story, on paper, is not that different. I went to a decent school in the Boston area, think Tufts or BC, but without a strong reputation in finance; most people work for NGOs. I graduated with a B+ and secured a job in forensic accounting at a low level consulting firm. I graduated in May and would love to get into ER or IBD. I hope to eventually do PE. I did pass the CFA level l in June, but I do not know how much that actually helps. All of this makes me think I have a better chance of seducing Ron Jeremy's girl than getting a job in FO at a BB. The one caveat to my situation is that I have Cerebral Palsy that affects my speech, walking and the speed at which I move my hands. I believe that if I present myself correctly my otherwise shitty credentials look impressive and show serious intellect and drive. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this message come through on my resume and in my networking efforts without sounding like a charity case? Do you guys know people in the industry that are disabled? Do you think smaller firms would be receptive? Does anyone know any programs to help diverse candidates who are already out of college break in?

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Sep 5, 2012

I really have no idea, but I'm curious, you can't be the first person with CP to want to work in finance.

Sep 5, 2012


Sep 7, 2012

I know one guy who is deaf in one ear but that's it.

Oct 5, 2012