Does anybody know what Akshay Shah looks like or have any info on him? He was aveteran GSO, blackstone credit default manufactu

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I cannot find a picture of this Akshay Shah dude, or a bio. He is a bit of a beast, he used credit default manufacturing and blackstone's brand to terrorize notable big firms, even Goldman.

He is Indian born, cambridge educated, and joined GSO in 2008, about 40, worked at Lehman brothers before GSO.

If anybody has any knowledge they would like to share--it would be interesting, as it is difficult to garner the truth from media scraps.

"People familiar with his trading style say he pores over hundreds of pages of bond or loan documents, trying to find tiny details that others in the market might miss. Once he identifies chinks in the wording of particular clauses he plots a way to construct trades using derivatives on whether a company will default on its debts, which would lure rivals to take the other side.

"He's a sniper," says one hedge fund manager. "He would call you up and say 'Hey, what are you doing, what are you thinking on this?' and he knows all the information already, he's just fishing for what you know and what you think so he can work around it.""

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Jun 6, 2018

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