Does anyone have insight on the Wealth Strategy Associate position at UBS? (PWM)

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I haven't had much luck finding insight regarding the Wealth Strategy Associate position at UBS. Does anyone work for UBS and would be willing to share their thoughts? From what I gather UBS is the only firm with this title.

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Apr 1, 2019

Position that opens up for teams that have significant AUM. Role is not client facing. Predominantly managing PMP portfolios and tasks associated with such

Apr 1, 2019

So if I want to work in PWM but not necessarily a straight sales/prospecting role right away this should be something I should consider correct? Since it is not client facing I am assuming it is a salary position rather than commission based. According to glassdoor the avg base is $60k. Does this sound right?

Apr 1, 2019

Yes salary, I believe it would be a good (relative) place to start your career.... especially if you don't have your S7 and S66 yet. Would also allow you to build connections with others in the office, and demonstrate you work ethic to eventually get placed on a team in a producing role.