Does Centerview hire MBAs? Also, how does one land a pre-mba IB internship?

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Two things:
1. Does anyone know if Centerview hires MBAs? I am considering IB for my post B-school career and would like to be a lifetime banker. They invest in their employees with that intention, so it makes sense for me to want to work there. I am enrolling in a top 20 school pending my interviews at two top 12 schools. I have no problem networking to get my job, but I looked on the MBA employment reports from the IB juggernauts of the world (Stern, Columbia, Wharton, Booth, Cornell, etc) and none of them mention Centerview in their reports. I know if they hired anyone, it would probably be 1-2 MBAs max from a given school so that might be why Centerview was not mentioned, but I figured someone here would know. I looked at their website and they mention absolutely nothing about hiring associates. It only talks about them grooming analyst for the long-term.

  1. Also, I have not done IB before, but I was in AM at a boutique but not an elite one. Does anyone have any success stories about landing a pre-MBA IB internship at local shops? I am guessing big shops are out of the question because of formal recruiting processes. If yes, is there any advice you could share about what you/that person did to land that gig? At this point, I'm pretty much checked out of my current work, so I would rather get my butt kicked in banking so I can decent in my future internship and full-time gig. I would rather my current work sooner rather than later - they're trying to get every inch out of me and want me to leave the week before I planned on going to b-school. If I can't land a pre-mba IB, I would much rather travel lol. Thanks and as always you guys are a great help!

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Feb 9, 2019

Two suggestions:
1. Give LinkedIn a chance
2. Try to be concise. Think Bschool will help you with that

Feb 9, 2019

With regards to my second inquiry, do you have any success stories? I'll be sure to be brief. I figured it would help you guys know my situation first.

Feb 9, 2019

They literally just started hiring MBAs this year. I go to Wharton and they hired one summer associate from our class. They only hired the one across all schools. Not sure if that number will increase for next year's class.


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Feb 10, 2019

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