Hey all. I go to a non-target, and have practically have 0 alumni base in IB.

Good news is that Energy consulting firms do happen to recruit from my school. My question to all of you is: Is E consulting the real deal? Pay the same? Prestige? Hours? Ect...

Also, if I chose to do E consulting, would a degree in "energy commerce" be ideal? Or, a 'plain ole finance degree'?

Any input would be great!

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Management Consulting Interview Course


Sorry for being so vague ... "Alternative Energy Consulting" is what OCR calls it, not sure if that helps. Also, I'd have to talk to somebody in my Career Services department at my college; they don't specify what companies come to OCR ... But, they do have a "Meet the Industry" type thing, and all of the energy companies you can think of come to that, Exxon, Conoco, BP, ect

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