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If you're looking to break into finance does it make sense to move *outside *of the major finance hubs like NYC, SF, London, etc.? I think it certainly matters for banking/trading/etc but I'm curious how much it matters for Equity Research? If you're spending your days going through SEC documents/modeling do you really need to be in a major city? I understand you miss out on networking, especially if you're in some random city in Ohio, but remember this is for BREAKING IN(aka you don't have many options).

I'm also curious about how people in these satellite offices are viewed within bulge banks? Do you have an opportunity to move to a major city? Do you miss out on promotions?

Any insight is valuable. Would appreciate the tom-foolery left to a minimum.

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I'm at a boutique ER firm here in Ohio and have been for 3 years now straight out of undergrad, non-target and what not. Personally, I think it could help depending on your college background. I have received calls from 3-4 different bulge brackets recruiting for ER in NYC but turned them down; however, my firm has had two associates jump to being an associate in NYC so it's definitely possible and the opportunities are there.

As you mentioned about the day-to-day work for an ER associate, these firms also appreciate the fact that you have all your series exams completed, are technically an analyst without coverage, and understand the ins and outs of the business.

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