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Interested to hear from anyone as to what the typical comp is for a VP and MD in ER at a bulge bracket, elite boutique, or upper middle market firm.

I've read on mergersandinquisitions that total comp for a VP can be $200-300k and MD could be from $300-$600k. Obviously, there aren't as many sites dedicated to ER like banking but I'd love to see if anyone has any resources or can attest the accuracy of this comp. Thanks!

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May 13, 2021 - 10:25am

I'd say, and take this with a grain of salt as I've been outa the game for a short period, that VP comp will generally be in the $200-$250k range more frequently than the $250-$300k, base usually starts around $150k as well so think of it as $150-$175k + $50-$75k bonus. MD comp varies widely but base is generally $250k and stays there on the research side, bonus is the big swing factor. I would peg average MD total cash comp around the $400k mark in a normal year, could be lower depending on sector covered.

The common practice nowadays for more prominent analysts from what I've seen is to sign "head coach" style contracts where a bank will pay you a materially above-market guarantee for 1-3 years then have you revert to market afterwards. These contracts can be as high as 7 figs/yr depending on sector covered and notoriety of analyst which leads to a lot of shop hopping to avoid going back to the $350-$400k mark. Not sure how often this is happening post-COVID though.

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