Expected Bay Area Salary - Relationship Manager position, min 5yr exp.

Hi guys and gals,

I was hoping someone might be able to provide some approximations as to what I might expect for salary+bonus structuring at a $30B AUM firm in the Bay Area. The position is that of a Relationship Manager for a particular client channel for the US. The position is listed as 5yr min. exp., reporting to one of the VP's.

I am making a shift from law into Asset Management and have relatively little exposure to the compensation levels in AM. I'm on my 3rd round of interviews and feel very optimistic about it, so before getting to the negotiation stage, I wanted to have a rough idea of what I could reasonably expect.

I'm curious how much the CoL in the area affects the base salary, and what I might be able to expect for bonus structuring in a position like this.

I don't need hard numbers, but any rough averages would be greatly appreciated! I've tried to track down data on Glassdoor and the like, but without much success.

Thanks in advance!