Fall FT Recruit , Should I Study Abroad ?: Canada non-target to Singapore spring [HELP; LIFE]

Background: Im just finishing my 3rd year of undergrad at a Canadian Non-Target in a "non-finance city"; came out of SA recruit empty handed after messing up a number of interviews, most of them for BB IBD, surprisingly.

Feeling pretty jaded with life; having worked harder than Ive ever worked (as Im sure all of you have) , only to come out empty handed. I still dont have any plans for the summer but I imagine I might be able to get a local boutique PE or VC opportunity.

Not sure how my odds stack up for FT recruit in September - Oct., which is my top priority, but I have a chance to study abroad in Singapore [NUS or SMU] in JANUARY of 2015. Both schools are considered "local targets" with BB OCR (which is something finance students from my school would drool at)

My reasons (in order of importance) to go on exchange are as follows :

1) To develop my career (IBD or ER or HF... please.)
2) Improve my Mandarin (very committed to learning, taking classes atm)
3) "See the world" (experience a new culture and 'have fun')

"Dream" : BB in U.S, Canada, Hong Kong, London, Singapore (?) (im very open and indifferent with location)

Goal: FT IBD at "a bank"

In the long run, I can see myself developing my career in Asia, the growth of China and the APAC region opens up a plethora of opportunities.

SHOULD I GO ? What would give me the best shot at fulfilling my dream/goal?

Character Stats (gamer as a child):

- Fully bilingual in English and Cantonese

-'Better-than-Conversational,not-quite-professional' proficiency in Mandarin

- Dual Canadian and Hong Kong citizenship (born in HK, grew up in Canada), also means I can work in China

-Generic past internship experience in boutique PE and Wealth Mgmnt

-Avg. GPA for aspiring high finance students


Or.. if I were to fail in FT recruit... maybe I should delay graduation by a year and try SA recruit again? (not feeling it) .

Either way, I really appreciate any feedback and advice as Im pretty lost with life atm. Your comments will seriously impact my life.

THANK YOU fellow monkeys !

Also, if you have any info regarding the Singapore schools [NUS or SMU] , please share !

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