Final Round Help. I am almost an Associate straight out of undergrad!

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I am at a non-target school (Arizona State University) and have made it to the final round at Wells Fargo Securities for a position as an Equity Research Associate. Yes, an Associate straight out of undergrad, I actually do not even graduate until May. I am not sure how I scored this, I was just persistent and given the interview, and obviously Aced it. I have already met the group, interviewed with the Head of Research, done a modeling and writing test, and finally, I am at the last round. The group is small and I am being brought in one last time before the final decision. I am one of two people they are choosing from. I was told this will be my last chance to differentiate myself, but I have already done all of the qualitative and quantitative questions and stock pitching etc. that I can think of. Any ideas on something I can do to differentiate myself further? I was thinking that since this last interview is so based on "fit" that I would write a pitch for myself with a detailed background, what I like to do, where I came from, etc. but I do not want to become a bad fit because of this. Also was thinking of showing up with some coffee or something. Any ideas?