Finance Career Progression at Boeing?


Disclaimer: I am asking this question because I couldn't find anything relevant online (WSO, Reddit, Glassdoor, etc)

First. Just some background on me. I am attending a top 10 STEM school in the US on the West Coast. I am majoring in Political Science, with major coursework in Business and Economics. I love working hard and playing hard. I networked to a finance internship with my university as a sophomore, I then had an internship with a top (if not the biggest) Private Wealth Management firm. Currently I am interning 40 hours a week (unpaid) with a boutique investment bank (ABS/MBS) while doing a full course load at school as well as being heavily involved on campus. This summer, I will be interning with Boeing as an "estimating and pricing" intern analyst; I do not know yet if it will be with BDS (defense) or BCA (commercial).

Since I am a junior, I will most likely get a return offer after this summer. I am interested in working for Boeing for various reasons, but I do not know what the career progression is. My other option is to use my Investment Banking internship and Boeing to interview with Investment Banks (bulge brackets and middle markets) this coming Fall quarter.

Now...I am trying to determine what the career progression at Boeing is like. From what I gathered talking to the Boeing employees, everyone works 40 hours a week and that's that; maybe some overtime, but not past 50. I am a type A personality; while I am young, I want to work as much hours as possible, learn as much, climb up the ladder as high as possible. Is Boeing a place for me to do this? I would like to work for Boeing for multiple reasons: cost of living in Seattle/OKC/St.Louis is cheaper than NYC/SF/Chicago, they pay for your MBA/JD. But on the otherside, I don't want to simply work 40 hours a week. What is the career progression and pay progression like?

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Feb 23, 2015 - 7:08pm

You'd be able to live extremely comfortable as a young adult if you got the office in STL. Of the two people I know who've worked with Boeing - one is a buyside analyst in an investment arm of an insurance company (ex Corp. strat), and the other is still working at Boeing.

Feb 23, 2015 - 8:43pm

I work at Boeing in engineering, and while I can't answer many of your finance specific questions, here's what I can say. Take it all with a grain of salt though since, like I mentioned, I'm in a totally different part of the company:
- The 40-50 hours thing is largely true. You'll have a lot of free time if you don't have activities outside work. But it means you can get more networking, studying, reading, or other useful stuff done.
- Most of the people don't seem that Type-A or high performance. Noticeably less than my classmates at a top 15 STEM school did. Maybe that's typical in the corporate world though; I don't know because this is my first job. But a lot of my coworkers in their early-mid 20's are already engaged/married and buying houses.
- From what I've read and heard, just having the Boeing name on your resume is a big plus.
- Boeing offices are mostly located at airports; you will probably be working at/near an airport.
- Boeing has a great intern program, you'll be pampered and it'll be a good summer.

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Feb 24, 2015 - 11:24am

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