Fork in the Road: Getting to Research on the Buy Side

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Hi Guys,

I'm at somewhat of a crossroads here. I recently graduated from a non-target, and took CFA L1 in December (still waiting to hear). Anyway, I'm working at a firm doing consulting/outsourced research for hedge funds (it's primarily qualitative due diligence work). I've networked my way into the sales/marketing side of an elite boutique's AM arm (think Cowen, Evercore, Lazard), and am in the final round next week. But I'm torn, because I want to be directly involved in research on the buy-side, not necessarily sales/marketing. However, I'm wondering if it's worth just taking this large name brand and trying to transfer internally at some point/go to a top MBA then try to get into research post-grad OR trying to break into a much smaller AM shop. I haven't had any luck applying for Analyst roles for AM's whatsoever, and my university's presence in NY is somewhat limited--most alums associated with AM are on the sales end.

Any advice or guidance would be helpful.

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Jan 5, 2018

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Jan 8, 2018


Jan 8, 2018

I think you would be able to move to an Analyst role elsewhere after a few years and passing the CFA exams. The MBA will help, but because you will be doing it part time and won't come out in OCR, it wouldn't be as valuable as going full-time. You never know though, your firm may bump you up to Analyst themselves if you do really well in the RA role and fit what they want in an Analyst.

Jan 8, 2018

Thanks for the feedback. So, you' recommend a CFA over an MBA (if part-time)? Also, the MBA would be about 60% paid for.

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Jan 8, 2018

Do both. You definitely need at least one or the other, but a lot have both. To really leverage the MBA to make the move, having the OCR would really help. You're not really any different working for company A today w/no MBA and then tomorrow with an MBA. Sure, you have the MBA, but you'll still be a Research Associate. When you go full-time you are going to have a new role and won't "still be" anything.

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