former med student for equity research questions about pre-hire assignment

>How strong is the phase1/2 data?
>Compare the pivotal with the previous trial design. What has been changed? Identify those >risk factors? 
>Any similar trials? Or other trials use a similar endpoint? How difficult to achieve clinical >significance for the endpoint? Will it take longer than the period of the trial? Patient >variability?…etc

>of course you can discuss mechanism of action too.

>They may ask you if positive, how much the data can move the stock price? But the answer really doesn't matter…

I have an assignment due tomorrow in which I have to state whether three pending trials will read out positively or negatively.

The pre-clinical data is statistically significant against placebo and I have laid it out but that is not compelling enough.

I want to make something of the fact that now the sample size in placebo controlled crossover trials will be reduced from 500 to say 100 or 30 and may be viewed with skepticism.

How do I develop this thesis?

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