FP&A Analyst to M&A Integration Manager --> possible future pigeonholing?

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Currently an Analyst in a Group FP&A role applying for internal move to M&A Integration Manager role.

The role will be involved in M&A integration, business improvement and act as a sort of in-house consulting position.

The role itself looks very interesting but a cursory glance at people on linkedin with such roles seems to indicate that they stay in this function / move into more of a COO type position later on in their career.

Is this because its very specific type role?

As the role would be quite heavily involved in due diligence process / work alongside the Corporate Development team....i'd imagine it would get quite a bit of transnational experience along with lots of business case / model creation / modelling...would this lend itself to a possible future move to Corporate Development / Strategy, assuming that i also push to get more involved alongside those teams and continue building up own knowledge in creating M&A / lbo models etc?

Alternatives would be to push for promotion to FP&A manager maybe after 6-12 extra months instead....however without really performing any extra duties since the team is really small as it is and acting at manager level either way.

thanks for any replies / comments / views in advance

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Oct 3, 2017