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Hi, I emailed a md at a bank asking for a informational. At first he gladly obliged and even set up a call. However, after a couple of hours he emailed me again and said that since I have had prior conversations at the firm he wants to make it efficient for everyone and just redirected me to hr. He emailed me separately. And then he cced me on a separate email and sent my resume and initial email to hr and told me to have an initial conversation with hr after which "we can pick it up from there."

I know that its very early in the FT recruiting cycle with internships just beginning but I'm not sure what happened here. Did I screw up somehow?

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Jun 12, 2019

From what you said it seems good. He went ahead and put you through to start the interview process, and he expects to have you interview with others on the team after hr probably. Seems like they are already wanting to see if you are a good fit. I'm assuming he was correct when he said you had already talked with others there...?

This is weird, but it's relatively good for weird no doubt.

JUST DO IT. Don't let your memes be dreams.

Jun 12, 2019

The only previous conversation I had at the bank was interviews until a superday for a summer internship this year. I eventually went for another hf instead of this bank because the fund expedited their process so that's what worrying me bc the MD was happy to speak and then he said "discussed with hr and I'm redirecting you to hr for an initial conversation and we can pick it up from there'" so idk what to make of that

Jun 12, 2019

One perspective (this happens a bit), he was probably just busy. He probably got your email, stepped out of his office and asked his juniors "Hey, you guys spoke to this guy?", and they were all like "yeah, he's cool".

He was probably thinking since you're probably going to be working closely with them more, it was fine. Your email is already with HR, so I think it's a good thing and you're probably overthinking.

Jun 12, 2019