Getting a job in acquisition (REIT/REPE), in a core market, as an international with MBA

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Hi guys,

I'm looking to find my way here and in general :) Background [8-10 yrs] in brokerage, top tier, small market in Europe. Looking for an MBA in a top 10 US program, and then to work in acquisition for REIT or REPE in a core market in US. How realistic is that? What should I know beforehand? Long term goal is to set up own fund for emerging markets, but wanted the experience, know-how and credentials of a big RE company and US market.


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Aug 23, 2018

Interested in your experience in Europe and your long term goal!

Can I pm you?


Aug 24, 2018


Aug 23, 2018

100% feasible. You might be able to swing it without an MBA

Aug 24, 2018