Goldman Sachs IMD Product Controller vs. PwC Management Consulting FT offers

Hi everyone,

Looking to get some advice from anyone with experience at either Goldman Finance or PwC Advisory. Currently have 2 offers:

-GS IMD Product Controller Analyst in NY
-PwC Advisory- Management Consulting in LA

I know they are seemingly unrelated positions, but I was wondering what the EXIT opps looked like at each. If I went Goldman, I'd eventually want to get into PE, but the road from BO seems quite difficult. If I went PwC, I'd look to lateral to a strategy firm-- Strategy& would be ideal due to the recent acquisition by PwC, but I'm not sure how they're structured in relation to PwC.

Any advice on EXIT opps would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 23, 2014
Nov 24, 2014

You aren't getting a front office PE look from a product control job at Goldman.

Nov 25, 2014

PM me for info, I worked with GS IMD Product Control

Nov 25, 2014

Assuming you are impartial to location, PwC.

Nov 30, 2014

Hey Greg I just messaged you.

Mar 29, 2015