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Hi my fellow deal makers

12 days into January of 2019, I am sure everyone wants to dish out that glorious deal completion memo somewhere along 2019.

I am VP in a middle market bank providing solely M&A advisory (No ECM and DCM). There is a lot of pitching going around and in order to do a good pitch you have to know the business model and the industry structure of your audience.

It is because of these that I hope to pick your brains on the good books that are a good read/ reference as you research up the company business model/ competitiveness and overall industry structure.
I have tons of books that tackle the question through financials and I found those often lacks in urm......qualitative traits and methods/ best practices when performing researches on those 2 topics.

Currently, my responsibilities include automotive, industrial IoT and technology (Hardware). If anyone has a good website/blog related to these, highly appreciate if you would share it.

Those that I follow (All automotive as it is my main sector), I am sorry that I can't post links. I will list out the key word for reference :
1. Autonews
2. Mckinsey, Center-for-future-mobility/our-insights
3. Marklines

Lastly, hope ya'all have a fruitful 2019 and good hunting!


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Jan 12, 2019

One that I enjoyed to help understand the thought process behind founders of tech companies in arriving at valuations they're comfortable with is David Kauppi's, "Selling Your Software Company: An Insider's Guide to Acheiveing Strategic Value."

Jan 29, 2019