Good idea to apply to McKinsey Implementation Group (MIG)?

I've been itching to switch into consulting at MBB from an FMCG, and contacted one of my seniors who is in McK singapore. Singapore wasn't hiring at the moment, so he reckoned that he could forward my resume to MIG i.e. McKinsey implementation group in Jakarta, Kuala Lampur, etc.

Is that a good idea? How is that different from the usual position as a generalist consultant? I understood a bit from mck's website about MIG which is about working with clients on their site in implementation. But I'm worried if this is something totally different like McKinsey Knowledge Center

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Oct 18, 2017


Jul 7, 2017

I would hold out for a generalist opportunity if you think it is a possibility in future. They will tell you that implementation is treated equally within the firm but it is plain as day on their face that is not the case. Can confirm that pay is significantly below generalist at least at junior levels. Could be a good move if your FMCG job is going nowhere and you've got no chance of generalist in the future, or if you really love implementation and your career to date makes that a more natural fit than strategy work. I'm probably on the pessimistic side with this one but if no one comes along with a brighter assessment there you have it.

Jul 8, 2017