Graduating earlier than planned, when can I start applying for IB?

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Managed to get a part-time ER internship at a BB from a non target in the area. They don't really hire fulltimers from the fall/spring internship (mostly from summer). Originally I was minoring in comp sci to push out my grad date so I wouldn't graduate without experience/I still sorta wanted to code. Now that I've done this I LOVE finance and want to stick to banking. Dropping the minor ill be able to graduate this summer. As much as I'd like to stay I don't think they'll be able to as they aren't many spots and they need them for summer. I really don't want to go down, would prefer to move up IB if possible(actually like the long hours wouldn't mind more if im gonna do it for a few years anyway). GPA is in the low 3s ( was mid but got hit by some hard classes last summer and last semester, still taking 18 credits + 6 in the summer to hopefully make it up) but im a great interviewer and very sociable/outgoing. I see that Goldman has posted that they'll start in July. Any idea when other BB's might start looking?

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Feb 9, 2019

Non-target and GPA in the low 3's? It's going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of networking to get even interviews. You're competing against all the kids from HYPSW and all the other targets/semi-targets with 3.5+s. FT positions are usually reserved for individuals who have summered in IB, but didn't like their firm or group. To be honest I think 2019 FT recruiting ended early fall. Regardless, get on the phone and start networking ASAP with boutiques, all you need is one yes, but it's going to take a whole lotta work to get there.

Feb 9, 2019