Haven't heard back on an interview - How/When do I follow up?

I interviewed for a BB corporate banking analyst position (straight from undergrad) two weeks ago. I know the process got down to 8 candidates - I was supposed to hear back last Monday, two days before the Fourth. I followed up with the MD I interviewed with today to hear if there any updates - it's now been a week since I was supposed to hear back.

I know the Fourth is a slow week, especially with it being on a Wednesday. Is it bad form to follow up a second or third time if I haven't heard back? Is it bad form to ask a VP I interviewed with where the process is? Any guidance is appreciated.

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Jul 9, 2018

Banks are usually pretty quick about telling the candidates they like that they got the position...if you haven't heard back, that is not a good sign. I'd recommend moving on and trying to find another opportunity, sorry.

Jul 10, 2018

Thanks for the response. There's been complete radio silence - is there a point to following up again? I would've guessed they'd email to say they're moving on.

Jul 10, 2018