HBS Guru vs Other Admissions Consultants for H / S / W from an IBD --> Megafund Background

Hi guys -

I'm going to begin my MBA application process for the class of 2020 soon (will be applying round 1), and I am trying to decide which of the MBA admissions consultants to engage with for my apps

As background, I have a classic IBD / PE background (GS TMT / MS M&A --> Megafund like KKR / Carlyle / Apollo), and am aiming for HBS, Wharton, Columbia, and Stanford (will likely apply to at least 2 of these schools in Round 1).

HBS is my 1st choice, and my research seems to suggest that HBSGuru is apparently really good for people with my type of background. However, many of my friends have used other consultants like Stacy Blackman, Veritas, MBA Apply etc. Has anyone had any experience / success with these guys who had the classic IBD / PE background and aimed for H / S / W? I am currently inclined towards HBS Guru but I want to make sure I'm not unfairly dismissing any of the other consultants just because I like what HBS Guru seems to have to say about candidates with my background.

Thanks !

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Apr 21, 2017 - 2:09pm

I used Vantage point and got in at CBS. I have a very nontraditional finance background but think they are amazing at helping you really think through your story. They also do a free 30 min convo so no harm no foul.

Assuming you have a solid (740+) GMAT, i'd assume you're a lock at Wharton and CBS and should be solid at Stanford and HBS.

Apr 21, 2017 - 8:13pm

Hi Quagmire,

We've successfully worked with many applicants over the last 20 years from IB bankgrounds applying to the programs you are aiming for. If you check out our staff's backgrounds you'll see former admissions directors, experienced consultants, and experts who came from IB and went into MBA programs including the ones you are aiming for.

Check out:

Please let me know if you have any questions or call me at 310-815-9553 .

Linda Abraham

Linda Abraham President, Accepted | Contact Me | Admissions Consulting
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Apr 27, 2017 - 12:19am

hi guys - i have had several introductory calls (about 6 - 7) with many of the well known consulting firms, including HBSGuru, and my take-aways seem to be that, for the most part, the services and packages many of these firms offer are similar. One observation I seem to be making is that HBSGuru is on one end of the spectrum, in the sense that his approach is more "hands-off", and that he does not have a well staffed army of consultants / former ad-coms to double / triple check your app, whereas on the other hand, firms like Veritas, Accepted.com etc are more well resourced, and do a bit more of "hand-holding" and dig into your personal background and really try to establish one's unique brand. What most seem to agree is that HBSGuru's differentiating factor is how well he knows H / S / W.

Does this seem like a fair understanding of the b school consulting world? Any other insights would be appreciated - trying to make a decision in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

Jan 15, 2018 - 8:43pm

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