Healthcare - best sub-sector for exit opps?

In healthcare ER, which sub-sector (healthcare IT + distr., facilities + managed care, biotech, pharma, life science tools and diagnostics, med tech) provide the best exit opps? How do they differ across the sub-sectors? Which sub-sectors are up and coming and which are on their way out?

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Feb 8, 2019

IMO, biotech is probably hottest sector. Always something going on there via banking deals etc. But you need the science background.
Not as familiar with what's going on on medtech/life sciences but it seems like things are generally good there.. Managed care/facilities, there aren't as many deals going on, but the skill set/knowledge is fairly unique IMO due to the wide swath of government regulations. I wonder that a 'safety' area. HCIT/distribution is probably the easiest of the healthcare sectors, but is also the one that's shrinking the fastest due to the mergers and disruption.

Feb 9, 2019