Hello! I'm a liberal arts grad trying to break in

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Before I introduce myself, I just wanted to thank everyone for the informative and entertaining content on WSO. I've learned a lot just reading through the posts, especially the success stories of people that match my background.

I graduated from a target university (non-Ivy, but very highly ranked) in 2012, where I studied philosophy. Since then, I've been working in corporate communications in NYC. I've had an opportunity to learn a bit about business and the markets, and I know that I want to work in finance. I'm still figuring out if I want to be in a transaction-focused or markets-focused role, but I'm leaning towards equity research, Asset Management, or hedge funds even though I'm interested in dealmaking.

I'm working on making a plan to break in, and I thought finally joining WSO was a good first move.

I hope to meaningfully contribute as I begin my journey.


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Dec 31,2013

...a good move indeed...welcome!

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Dec 31,2013

Get busy living