How do I approach a cold email to these people in my situation?

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I was looking through LinkedIn and came across two individuals that are mutual connections with my cousin. I talked to my cousin over the weekend and he confirmed that he went to high school with these people, but hasn't seen them in 20 years. One of them he was friends with and the other was just a classmate (I guess you could say), but both obviously know my cousin. The one is a Director at a boutique investment bank and the other is a CEO/President of a small hedge fund. Now, I want to send each of them a cold email, but I am unsure how to approach it. My cousin has given me the green light to drop his name. I am a recent grad with no experience, L2 candidate and I am hoping to break into a role within one of these finance disciplines.Should I be inquiring about a job opportunity or too chat? I am unsure how to word this and go about it.

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Sep 18, 2017