How do I get into JLL, CBRE, Cushman&Wakefield, etc brokerage teams?

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I am interested in getting into brokerage, but the only openings I seem to get across are for 'brokerage shops' - Marcus & Milichap, Sperry Van Ness, etc.

These brokerage firms just seem like mills - hire as many people as possible, 99% fail, hope a couple become great and make some money.

I want to get with JLL, CBRE,Cushman, etc... the big boys. But, obviously, those jobs are never available or if they are they dont list them.

How do people end up getting onto the big boys teams in major cities (such as NY, LA)?

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Jul 8, 2012

I know some people at CBRE in what is probably considered a secondary market (top 30 city). From what I see, these positions were gotten through networking. They were largely people that grew up in the market, and thus knew a lot of people at CBRE.

I think it's not about waiting for some position to come up and applying online in brokerage. It's about getting to know the people in the offices, and when a position comes up you are the first person they call. Makes sense that you need to beat down their doors to get a job, because you are eventually going to have to do the same thing to get a listing.

Aug 11, 2012

MBAREALESTATE is right. Those firms will almost never post open positions for brokerage. You'll need to cold call or network your way into a meeting with one of the senior guys in those firms. You'll use this meeting as more informational and to acquire more contacts. Eventually, through these informational meetings and networking, you'll find a senior partner who is willing to take you on. It may take some time. Be patient - it's only the beginning.

Aug 13, 2012

I see postings every once in a while for JLL positions, but CBRE and Cushman seem to be all networking. I rarely see any postings on their websites for openings, but I consistently get emails from my alumni association and former RE professors about jobs there. At least here in the Twin Cities, these companies go to the local real estate university programs to recruit. This is obviously for jobs that require less experience.

Nov 5, 2012