How do I move out of buy side and switch to a new role in finance (Banking preferably)?


I'm not sure if this is a common issue here. I was working as an investment analyst (real estate) with a family office in the middle east before I lost my job in April this year. I have about 11 years of experience (includes 6 years in real estate private equity and some more in real estate advisory with an international property consultant).

I am an economics graduate and studied for a CFA while working, and got my CFA charter about 3 years back. Over the last couple of years, I've realized that the field I'm working me doesn't excite me at all. I worked my way into a buy side job thinking it would make me happy, but I have started finding my work a soul crushing experience and it makes me miserable.

I'm 32, and I feel burnt out and exhausted. The thought of working on the buy side with its work pressure and bias against women makes me sick. Now given my experience in a very specific field in finance (real estate), has severely limited my options and I'm finding it difficult to switch to a different field in finance.

I could also go back to school but the question is what course could help me, given my experience. I want to work in a field where I interact with people, write research papers, make presentations (instead of working on excel spreadsheets 24/7). Wealth management seems like a good option, I also noticed the high demand for risk and compliance professionals. My question is how do I get a break in these fields and make a career switch now?

Thanks. Any advice is much appreciated.

PS. Losing my job has depressed me to no end and I'm wondering how I would explain this gap to potential employers. I interviewed for position with a bank for a wealth management role 2 months back, I was told I'm on but then they put the position on hold, due to approval and budget issues.

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Oct 7, 2017