Evening gentlemen,

Hoping to get some guidance on where I stand- I know GMAT will be a important factor in this but I was hoping to see how I stack up.

I was originally Pre-med--took MCAT/volunteered/clinical work--realized it wasn't really what I enjoyed. Became a finance major.

GPA Overall-3.4/ Finance GPA-3.85

Volunteer experience:
--Went to Ghana for 10 days in 2012 (and will be going again in summer 2013) to provide medical care and health education to communities in rural Ghana.

--75 hrs volunteer work in hospital

--Started by own real estate investment company back in June --company owns $1M in assets to date.
--Started an Investment Fund managing money of two clients thus far
--Couple random jobs during early freshman/sophomore year college

My GPA overall was low because I took some of my pre-med classes (genetics/organic chemistry) during the summer and it was too much of a rush which resulted in less than good grades in a couple classes.

I'd like to get a Masters in Finance and was hoping to get some idea of where I stack up to the top schools. Of course, GMAT my goal is to get that 700+ range but I have not taken the exam yet.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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You'd be better off focusing on your business. I don't know how old you are, but regardless starting a RE firm of that size is nice and instead of working 100 hours, you should spend your time and energy on that. Just some advice.


You have a RE investment 'company' with $1mm in assets - is that on hold? Do you own one residential property? I would imagine, given the information you provided, that you should be focusing on this venture rather than attending a top MF program - unless of course it really isn't a business.

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