How does one reset career after failure / taking a gamble that didn't work?

My story - and your advice is sought.

Fresh from MBA, 10 years ago, I was in UBS/CS/BAML London, but then moved to Asia to join an strong regional player in a rotational program that trained us in 4 month increments in ECM, REPE, PE and S&T.
I wanted to be in Asia, and the training was a rare opportunity to see multiple areas of finance, building a broad skillset.
But after a year, I left the program with several of these rotations incomplete, because I had the chance to join a Chinese PE shop where they were rapidly growing - and they are now the largest in China, and I get to say I was part of the early team that helped build it.
What I did was a big gamble - as a foreigner joining a startup Chinese PE fund.
The risks were big, but I worked hard and added value.

But once they got big, I as the only foreigner did get pushed out.
Once that happened, I've not been really able to find my feet under me in Asia.
It was the height of the financial crisis, and I tried but was not successful in joining IBD - once you're out it's hard to get back in.
PE roles I've been able to get have been mostly fundraising, though I did also spend a year in cap intro at a BB to pay the bills.

Can't really figure out how to right-the-ship, so to speak.
I can get PE roles but only if I do IR, and it's been real hard getting into a proper deal role again.
I'd even be thrilled to get to a sell-side deal role, but that's been difficult.

Advice is sought if anyone else has insights into how to fix things once they take a gamble, and then have to reset.


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Sep 13, 2018