How good is Bocconi UG ?

Hey guys, I got into Bocconi (International Econ and Finance bachelor) and I just can't assess the level of this school.

QS Rankings:

7th in Europe for Finance and Accounting
4th in Europe for Econ and Econometrics
6th in Europe for Business and Management

Also, they accounted for 5% (4th) of the analyst class in NY and London for JPM, GS ans MS.

5% of GS London (7th)
11% JPM London (3rd)
10% MS London (2nd)

I'd like to get into IB (not in Italy though) and was accepted to Notre Dame Mendoza Finance bachelor too.

What do you guys think ? Is it that good?

Thanks for your time !

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Apr 29, 2017 - 12:23pm

Bocconi University Undergraduate degree; recognition in the UK/US (Originally Posted: 08/20/2012)

Hi there,
I am a British/Italian Student in London who is starting the process of applying to University. I am hoping for a career either in IB or financial journalism. In the UK, I hope to apply to Oxford, LSE and KCL to study economics. However, in order to improve my Italian language skills, I also want to apply to the Bacconi economics course.
If I went to Bacconi to do my undergraduate degree and performed well, would I have trouble gaining entry into other top grad schools, such as Harvard and Oxford?
Also, if I had a bachelors from Bacconi, and a masters from another reputable university (in the UK or US), would my undergraduate degree (which I fear may not be recognised by IBs) give me trouble trying to find work in either London or New York?

Thanks for your help!

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Apr 29, 2017 - 12:24pm

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