How many hours do you actually work?

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I am a few years on the job and have worked about as hard as you can as analyst, but don't find the hours to be I as close to the 100+ hour mark as are described to me (have had 2-3 100+ hour weeks per year.).

I also find long hours to be more related 1) ineffective or inexperienced analysts 2) overlapping deals with simultaneous heavy workstreams and 3) bankers being idiots

I've sat down and documented the time I actually spent working. Eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner did not count as work. Dicking around on WSO until 5PM, also does not count for work. Traveling to and from does not count as work. Only working is work.

If you get in the office at 9 AM and work till 2 AM every day for 6 days a week thats bearly breaking 90 hours. If you take out lunch and dinner (2 hours) that's only 78 hours being worked each week.

I found both my and my fellow analysts mental estimates to be significantly off after measuring them. Can anyone else report similar findings?

On a related note, I also find the hours not to be the killer. It's would rather work a 90+ hour week on medium intensity, than a 75 hour week at a high intensity.

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Dec 26, 2018