How to Break into Investment Banking after 7 years in audit

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Hi all,

After spending 7 year as an Auditor (at a Big4), I have decided to pivot into IB. I have read a lot about how people made this switch and noticed that I am really late in the game (i,e I should have made the switch long ago). I need three pieces of advice:

1 when applying do I make audit experience crystal clear or i try to tweak to things that are related to what an analyst might do e.g. FS analysis and review of models etc

2 aside starting the CFA exams, what other steps can I take to make my plans a reality

  1. Are there firms (BB,MM or Boutique) that are more open to Intn'l graduate students

Other info:
I'm doing a 2 year Masters at UC Berkeley (1 year finished) and I am writing CFA 1 this Dec. I am an international student

I would appreciate your candid opinion and words of wisdom


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Jun 29, 2018

I would suggest giving consulting and securitization a look.

Of course, I am biased in that regard, but these are two areas where you won't be confronted by ageism or toxic culture shock. Also, you will appreciate the degree of autonomy these afford.

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Jun 29, 2018

@Wertheim-Consulting: Thanks and what type of consulting?
Also, would I still be considered too old for boutique firms e.g. those specializing in M&A? I'm 30

Jun 30, 2018


30 is not too old, but consider the value of working for yourself in a small shop that manages several billion and your comp is on par with hedge fund managers.

Jun 30, 2018

Are you saying that the OP won't get an offer, or won't accept the offer based on compensation terms?

No pain no game.

Jun 30, 2018


I cannot make any such determination.

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Jun 30, 2018