How to explain GPA Drop After Accepting Offer

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Hey all! Quick question regarding GPA situations. I applied for an internship at a BB that has a 3.2 cutoff with a 3.3 (which is true and my transcript will back this up). I got the offer and signed last week (GPA came up in the interview but they didn't seem to care too much and I really hit it off with the recruiter and the interviewers. I was focused on recruiting, took over as president of a well-known club on campus and was running two businesses on the side during this time.

It looks like my cumulative GPA is going to drop to about 3.15 after this semester. Is this a problem since they have a "GPA cutoff" in their application? I was fully truthful during the process and when I applied I did have a 3.3. Next semester it's definitely going to go back to above 3.2 but they request transcripts in spring before those grade will be in. Any advice on how to approach this or should I just wait until I hear from them regarding transcripts? Anyone with experience have any idea if this is bad? Appreciate any guidance - thanks!

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Dec 12, 2018

I wouldn't worry about it - I''m sure they won't even mention it

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Dec 20, 2018

While it may be so that they don't bring it up, it may also be so that they do. I wouldn't just forget about it and risk being caught off guard. I don't think it'll be a big deal but I would do a little soul searching and have a solid response on why your grades slipped a little.

Were you working? Extra curricular stuff? Family situation? Even if the answer is, "The classes I took were all really challenging and many/all of them introduced a lot of material with which I was unfamiliar," that's a lot better than, "uhhh, yeah sorry about that, it'll be a 3.2 next semester." They won't mind if your grades slip a bit so long as they know you were still busting your ass.

If all else fails and you lose your internship you can always take your sub 3.2 over to DB.

Dec 21, 2018