How to Prepare for BB Superday Wealth Management

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I received a Superday in wealth management from a BB bank. How should I study for this interview? I am a clean slate and know nothing about wealth management. Thank you.

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Should be mostly behavioral (Tell me about yourself, Tell me about your last internship, Why us etc.) but you should also be very prepared for market oriented questions (Where is the market headed? Why?, Pitch me a Stock, Probably most complex question will be where will you allocate a million dollars or something.

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Hello and congrats on the superday. I just recently started a full time position as a financial advisor program in a bulge brackets wealth management division. For the full time position there were zero market related questions throughout my process, not saying do not prepare, but I would not make that a stress point.

What I would focus on are why us, why wm, but most importantly stress how you are a leader and provide several examples as to when and why. Also prepare and make a point that you are competitive individual as that was an important character trait they wanted to hear. Good luck!


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