How Would You Capitalize On This Opportunity?

Say you're an analyst at a boutique IB and the previous deal team left leaving only you and a senior banker as the deal team for the meantime (yes you heard that right) while your company is still filling up the remaining positions (analyst, associate, etc).

You're on your 3rd month as an analyst and you've been told by your boss that your work is also practically that of an associate as well (since there's no associate). So you're like a de facto analyst/associate. You know it's too early to be thinking about this but you just want to prepare yourself, and since it's just the two of you in the IB arm now, there's a chance you can stand out and show your potential as associate and be promoted earlier (say 1 or 1.5 years).

What would you do and how would you go about your work and plan of action?

Senior bankers, what would make you want to promote an analyst as an associate especially in a boutique?

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May 7, 2018