I transferred institutions and do not know what GPA I should use.

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Hi all,

I transferred undergraduate universities and am unsure what GPA I should use on my resume. The transfer was mostly lateral and mainly due to financial reasons as the institutions are relatively equivalent in their national ranking. However my new university is ranked slightly higher.

My GPA from my new institution is a 3.75, while my Overall GPA from both institutions is a 3.61. My new university denotes my "cumulative GPA" as my the 3.75, as it only takes into consideration the classes I have taken at my new university.

My question is what GPA should I include on my resume, or should I include both?


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Jan 31, 2020

You put both G.P,A from all universities you have attended. If your G.P.A is higher than the previous institution, you use it to your advantage.

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Feb 1, 2020

Email your advisor, this is school dependent. The "honest" thing to do is use the 3.61, but it's a large difference to have the 3.75. If you get in writing that your school considers the 3.75 your cumulative GPA, use that and then you have proof in writing that it's fine


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Feb 1, 2020

This is common sense. If you have your old university on your resume, the old GPA goes next to that one.

Your new university should have the GPA that you have at THAT university listed, not a weighted average; that would be misleading. Imagine if you had a 3.0 at the new uni, then you wouldn't consider that at all.

TL;DR: New GPA with new Uni, Old GPA with old Uni, no mixing.


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Feb 1, 2020

I mention my old school without indicating GPA on my resume. Would that be a problem?

Feb 2, 2020

no, as long as you have your current gpa your old one does not matter


Feb 3, 2020