IB vs Consulting ---> FAANG Corp Dev vs Corp Strat

I'm currently a sophomore at a T10 but non-target university beginning to think about my long-term career prospects. I've been pursuing IB over the past semester or so, but am beginning to think about pivoting towards consulting since I believe the work is more interesting and better suited for my existing skill set. I don't believe I'd stay in either IB or consulting long-term, but have my eyes on Corp Dev/Strat at a FAANG company since I've always been interested in technology and it seems like a pretty good exit. I can definitely see myself going consulting ---> corp strat, but for some reason my gut says to stick with IB. To this extent I have a couple questions.

Is it common to go from IB to FAANG Corp Strat? Is it common to go from consulting to FAANG Corp Dev? Since there's not a ton of available info, what is the career/comp progression like in corp strat? What's the recruiting process like for corp dev vs strat? Do people tend to stay in corp strat like they do corp dev? Sorry if these are shitty questions or if I'm posting in the wrong place but I'm having trouble finding some of the answers anywhere else. Thanks for the help.

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Jan 18, 2022 - 5:39pm

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