ICG Financial Resource Management Analyst - AVP

Can somebody please give me more color on what this job entails? Salary estimate? The description reads Greek to me.

Financial Resources Management

The management of capital, liquidity, collateral and balance sheet is a key area of focus for senior management, recognized as being among the most significant challenges currently faced by the banking sector. As a firm, our ability to effectively lead our businesses in these areas will be a significant determinant of our future competitiveness.

The ICG Financial Resource Management (FRM) team provides in-business leadership and subject matter expertise on capital, liquidity, tax and other financial resource management issues with a primary purpose of driving greater efficiency and flexibility of resource consumption. This broad mandate includes driving business strategy for financial resource management, advising senior management and clients on implications of regulatory change and strategic priorities, coordinating advocacy efforts, and leading and participating in cross-business and cross-functional working groups to deliver improved data, calculation and management processes related to capital, liquidity and tax.

To execute on this mandate, FRM operates with business partners in each of the major ICG business lines, Markets and Security Services (MSS); Trade and Transaction Services (TTS); Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory (BCMA); and Citi Private Bank (CPB). FRM works with business partners to set strategic priorities, establish and execute initiatives, and programmatically manage delivery through governance.

FRM Core Functions

The FRM team is organized into a number of groups, with core functions common across the groups

Strategy: Establish and drive business strategy with senior business leaders across the Institutional Clients Group, focusing on maximizing returns and driving financial resource efficiency

Analytics: Deep analytical understanding of current and upcoming internal and regulatory capital, liquidity and tax measures, and their implications on strategic business priorities, client activity and market practices.

Execution: Driving financial resource efficiency and risk management through hedging, structuring and other transaction execution, leveraging deep technical expertise and cross-divisional authority

Technology: The vision, design and execution of a comprehensive FRM technology work-slate aimed at providing visibility and insight to facilitate efficiency efforts across the financial resource continuum while ensuring alignment of technology solutions across capital, liquidity and tax management mandates

Planning: Forecast, measure, monitor and analyse the core financial resource metrics of the ICG. Operate as the business owner for the management and measurement of financial resources

Project Management: Operate as the business catalyst to drive the completion of core priorities and initiatives, such as the transition to new regulatory metrics or the remediation of significant financial resource impediments

FRM Subject Matter Expertise

A role in FRM provides a fast-paced and exciting learning environment where development of subject matter expertise is encouraged and the exchange of ideas is valued. Some of the significant areas of expertise include:

  • Basel capital and liquidity regulations (RWA, GSIB, LCR, etc.)
  • Counterparty credit risk management
  • Liquidity risk management
  • US and international tax law
  • Markets and Banking products and services
  • ICG support operations and technology systems architecture
  • Corporate governance practices

Key Competencies:

FRM does not expect candidates to possess all competencies day-one. However, it is important that each candidate demonstrates significant depth in a number of these core competencies and the ability to grow and develop in the areas where they lack sufficient depth

Acumen & Communication

  • Strong ability to manage, prioritize, and communicate within a team
  • High degree of self-advocacy, motivation, and development
  • Highest level of professionalism and business acumen

Creative Problem Solving

  • Superior attention to detail, accuracy, and scope
  • Ability to understand complex ideas and problems in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong ability to identify, communicate, and advocate for solutions at both high and granular levels

Partnership & Collaborative Success

  • Appetite to partner with other stakeholders in the firm to drive objectives to delivery
  • Strong interpersonal skills to identify and resolve conflict to mitigate roadblocks
  • Ability to defend the team's interest and priorities, while putting the firm first

Technical Skills

  • Very high ability to develop an analysis, interpretation, and presentation
  • Knowledge of financial products including derivatives, SFTs, financing, and loans
  • Able to learn new systems quickly and maximize development of available tools
  • Strong querying and prototyping skills are also preferred (SQL, Python, etc.)

Primary Locations: New York, NY; Getzville, NY; London, UK


Job Family Group:

Institutional Trading


Job Family:

Quantitative Analysis

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