Imperial Capital (LA) vs Antares Capital Chicago

So I've been interviewing with Imperial Capital (small IB shop in LA) and Antares Capital (force in middle market leveraged lending which is akin to LevFin as far as I can tell). Seems to be going pretty well, hopeful I'll get an offer from one or both. If I am lucky enough to get an offer, what would be the thoughts on the brands/pay of the two firms? I know Imperial is more pure IB which is a plus, but Antares is a leader in its market.

For reference, I've done middle market leveraged lending before and enjoyed the work so I know I'd like Antares. That being said, I've always thought I've wanted to do IB->PE so Imperial would be the winner in that regard, unless someone can say Antares -> PE is a better/equal option.

Thanks in advance for the help,
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Oct 9, 2018