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Hi, guys

I am a newbie here; I thought it looked fun and educational, so I decided to register and join in on the conversations.

Just to introduce myself, I am 23, graduated this year from a mediocre university with mediocre GPA and major in Finance, no leadership experience, no prior internship experience.

I do regret not participating in clubs, doing better in classes, and looking for internships, but I also have realized that it is in the past and I should change asap.

Through a connection, luckily I did get into a intern position in CRE real estate brokerage firm and am currently working as a independent contractor/broker associate.

It has been only 6 months working here, but I feel like I am in the wrong position. Every broker associate I have conversations with is passionate and eager to be working as a broker, and I see no other career paths getting built up other than being a broker here.

Still, thanks for my current job, I have great interests in CRE (especially industrial). So, I would like to pursue a career that involves both real estate and finance, but like I said above, I have no finance experience other than just educational background.

I feel like there are so many career choices and jobs in that specific field, but I am ignorant, and I see a lot of knowledgeable people here and was hoping I could get an advice.

To make my post short and simple,

1) Should i keep working in my current job?

2) If not, what skills, licenses, or other things (Argus?) should I try to acquire in order to look more appealing to other real estate finance companies?

3) What career choices do I have?

Thank you!

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Jun 16, 2018