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Hello All,

I am currently in a situation where I have been recently "promoted", the salary is still not competitive in the market. My main goal is to get experience and build my resume. Work on any new projects the executive management team gives me. I have completed projects such as financial modeling to raise debt/equity. I have been through the due diligence phase, assisting with the CIM and presentations. After this whole experience , I really want to have a career change to IB. However, by my performance, my company really likes me and promoted me with a slight bump. This obviously came with more duties and I accepted because I was scared to get fired. I also go an interview at some bigger companies in the industry.

So basically...

Scenario 1: Stay with current company, get 2-3 more years of experience (currently have 2) and then try to go the MBA route to get into IB.

Scenario 2: Take the opportunity with other companies to hopefully help build my resume, gain 2-3 years of experience and try the MBA route (similar to scenario 1)

Scenario 3: Start trying to build a network now, cold email MDs,Associates & Analyst and take the best opportunity that arises.

Btw my target schools is McCombs & Rice

Any thoughts?

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Dec 23, 2014