INSEAD ranking - Where would you place INSEAD????

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Where would you rank INSEAD????

Everyone, my question is regarding INSEAD and both its relative prestige and ranking. I'm currently deciding among Tuck, INSEAD and Booth. All three are great programs, but each is suited for different paths. Tuck is Ivy, but small and domestic. Booth is nerdy, fantastic academically, and has global prestige but is viewed as boring. INSEAD has that "it"/fascinating class factor and it has a fair share of prestige in consulting and in Europe in general.

However, there is no real agreement as to where INSEAD stands among the top b-schools. Yes, it's excellent (if not tops) for consulting, even if you account for all of the sponsored folks. Yes, the GMAT average is a bit lower, but then again there is a language requirement and if you account for the international nature of the class, the difference is likely due to language, not intelligence. Also, LBS has a lower GMAT and generally considered a top school.

But where does INSEAD really and "legitimately" rank? The Financial Times lists INSEAD as #5 in the world, but it also has IESE at #7 and this throws off the entire legitimacy of the ranking. IESE, a fine school though it may be, is no where even remotely close in prestige to Sloan, Booth, Haas, Kellogg, Stern, Fuqua, Tuck, Darden or INSEAD/LBS for that matter.

Mind you, I know that the vast majority of readers will say that INSEAD's far below the top 10 or top 20, but that's likely a reflection of the American readership. Were this a more European forum, the views might be different. Nonetheless, I trust the judgement of the readers here and just want to hear their voices once and for all. I'm leaning towards INSEAD, but if it's getting lumped in the IESE, IE, "school-of-propped-up-economy" list, then I would have to re-consider. In my opinion, it never was in the list and always top 10 and near Wharton-level, but I just want to get more thoughts.