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I work at a major brokerage (CBRE, JLL, NKF, CW) and was interviewing for a position internally at another office location.  Things were going well I interviewed with three people and it all went great. I received an internal transfer form from HR just hours after my final interview requesting my current supervisors comments about my performance.  I forwarded the form to my supervisor and told him about the potential new opportunity.  He was very happy for me and told me its a great opportunity and filled out the transfer form and then sent it to HR. Shortly after one of the team members I interviewed with called my current supervisor, he told me everything went well and things looked good for me.  Since then I have kept checking in with HR to see if any decisions have been made.  They told me things are looking good for me but that was over a month ago and I recently reached out again last week and have not heard a response from HR.  

Has anyone had an experience similar to this? I've been continuing to work for over a month with my supervisor knowing I might be leaving and its kind of an awkward situation. Should I just be patient? But my one fear is that maybe an offer wont be given after all and now my supervisor knows I want out.

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  • Analyst 1 in RE - Comm
Apr 27, 2021 - 7:27pm

I think that you are over thinking it, keep checking in with HR and stay on top of them. That is in your control, you cant control whether or not they extend an offer. In regards to the fear that your supervisor knows you want out, who cares. Do you know what happens to sports superstars when they start to look at other teams? Their current team usually starts to freak out and tries to figure out a way how they can keep them, by offering them more money, etc. Continue to work your ass off and grind for your boss, and they will think, damn I cant believe I am losing such a superstar, its going to a pain in the ass to find someone as good as you and train them up. Know your worth and have the confidence that you could find another team to land on.

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