Internal Transfer/Application - How soon is too soon?

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Currently working in a supply chain finance (i.e., cost accounting) role for a large manufacturing company, about 5 months in. I do some variance analysis, material costing reviews/updates, and some month end close tasks. I really like the company I'm with, and would like to stay here for some time if possible, but this role, while a great start, is not the end goal. I've been keeping an eye on other jobs that are posted internally that are more in line with true fp&a work, but thinking it may be a bit too soon to start trying to move. Wanted to get some opinions on when the best time would be to start applying internally, and the best way to go about doing it. My group is running pretty lean as is, and would like to have my manager's buy in is possible.

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Dec 31, 1969

You're coming from a top university and already working in finance which is a big plus.
What do you mean by commitment issues?
If you consider AM/IB seriously, you should apply ASAP, since it'll get more difficult to change after 5y in another service. Even if you'd have to wait a bit longer to be promoted, you should go for it.
I'm not HR but I think that in most of the cases it's ok to still hesitate on what you want to do when you're in your early 20s, while after a few years into doing something you don't like + with a different set of skills required than for IB/AM, you'll have difficulty justifying that in an interview.

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From your description I'll venture either a Wachovia or Jefferies? Not to sound discouraging, I wouldn't get my hopes up about finding a job at a BB. The big fellas are shedding jobs and (assuming my bank is representative of most) the interest in laterals is nonexistent. Nonetheless, would recommend you start reaching out to headhunters, you never know...

Good luck to you,

Dec 31, 1969