International Real Estate Grad School Thoughts?

Hey folks,

Was curious about everyone's thoughts about getting a masters in real estate in a foreign country?

Not sure what asset class appeals to me most long term, but ultimately am fascinated by the possibility of doing acquisitions internationally (vague, I know).

Is it worthwhile to consider programs such as LSE, ESSEC, etc. with a real estate focus? Or should I stay local in the states and focus my efforts here. Is it easier or harder for Americans to get into these international real estate programs? For reference, I'm only a few years out of undergrad, but based on my [limited] research it seems like a lot of the programs I'm seeing are catered to management-level candidates.

Sorry for the lack of detail within the question, I didn't want to get overly specific but rather just wanted a holistic overview of what it would be like/if it makes sense. Has anyone pursued this before?

The appeal of studying abroad, learning more about international real estate, and possibly leveraging that into opening more doors is what entices me.

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Jul 9, 2019