I was just accepted to my school's newly created Banking Program. I'm literally in the first class. It involves a few courses taught by the Bankers that are participating plus an internship. Anyway, I put down the smaller banks because I'm from a small town and didn't really mesh with the larger banks. Now, I'm just trying to make certain I made the right decision. The bank is headquartered in a town of 12,000 people and has just under $900 million in assets. I like having the program on my resume, the coursework is spot on for what I want and if it turns out anything like our Trading program, there will be lots of opportunities even passed graduation.

I'm just concerned because of all the flak I'm seeing about retail banking online. I'm under the impression, this is only a small piece of personal banking, he seemed very interested in my ability to understand and read statements and capital budgeting. Plus, the pay isn't terrible at all. Would this sort of experience help even if I decided to go corporate finance later? Or looked down upon? Thanks

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