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I have an upcoming interview for an entry level position (Retail Analyst) at a CRE Services firm and was looking to gain insight into what this role might involve and what to expect in the interview. Between school and past internships, I have some high-level knowledge on different types of investing and financial institutions, though I have little to no experience w/ real estate.

Here are some of the functions listed w/the job posting:
-Work with Managing Director and Senior Associate on all Retail Business Unit activities.
-Assume the bulk of the day-to-day organizational and administrative duties for _________'s retail leasing platform, including reporting, proposal and pitch content/drafting, database management, property tours, marketing campaigns, management of the transaction process, client management and cold calling/outbound marketing.
-Become knowledgeable and experienced in, and contribute to, all aspects of ________'s business including Services, Acquisitions and Development.
-Grow and develop networks, databases and relationships within owner, tenant and brokerage communities
-Work with Retail Team on growth initiatives and strategic planning

Some of the questions I have include:

  1. How does an analyst position in a services firm differ from an analyst working for a RE investment firm?
  2. What does the career progression look like for this type of role? Is it easy to switch to a role on the investing side?
  3. What sort of questions should I expect to be asked (beyond the standard behavioral/fit ones)? What sort of questions should I ask (insight on CRE outlook,etc.)?

Any suggestions for reading material would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Jan 4, 2019

Additional Info: Services offered by firm:
-Property Mgmt
-Tenant representation
-Construction mgmt
-Investment sales
-Investment mgmt

Jan 4, 2019
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