Hey guys, I just got invited to for super day at JP Morgan for the middle market banking and specialized industries internship. I don't have a particularly strong finance technical skills, so it'd be great to hear if anyone went through the same interview, and possibly share their experiences!

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Just wondering when you applied? And how soon after the video interview did you get the super day invite?

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I applied around early-mid September. And it took them around 2 weeks after the vid interview for the superday invite


Sorry one more question: did your application status change from "Application in review" to "Interview- 1st Round" when you received the video interview invite? I haven't even completed my video interview yet. I'm just confused because for my JPM IB app, the status stayed as "Application in review".


I just got a superday invite in early November, anyone have any tips? Would be much appreciated


Is anyone else going to the super day in Atlanta?


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