Investing in intangible assets sold in 363 sales

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Hello all, I'm a sixth year corporate lawyer with a background in M&A and finance including distressed finance. I've been considering starting a venture to invest in certain intangible assets (specifically IP, data, domains, software) being sold by companies in bankruptcy. The idea would be to focus on assets that could generate recurring revenue streams (through royalties, licenses, etc). I have a few million dollars of which I can invest maybe 500k and I expect I can gather another few 100k from my family and friends. That would be the initial nest egg to acquire some initial assets after which time the funds would come from a mix of investor funds, margin loans (possibly) and profits. I would look to bring someone on board who has relevant experience and either pay them a salary and/or give them some equity.

Obviously I don't have the perfect background for this but what I'm really hoping for is for some real honest feedback about whether I should even continue to pursue this or if it makes no fucking sense. I realize that I'm essentially taking 500k of my money and deciding that I can manage it better than my financial advisor. Also a bankruptcy focused venture seems like a good option right now when things aren't looking too great economically... Even if we don't go into a recession i am expecting a lot of bankruptcies over the next decade between all the retailers that are fucked and just the large number of highly levered companies.

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Jan 27, 2020
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